Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week Two (And A Half) Update

Hey friends!

So it is week two ( and a few days) for Tayo and I! Life was a bit crazy this past week and I didn't get to do a week one post, so I'm going to squish it into this post if you don't mind :) It was a really good good week, lots of motivation and then an awesome weigh-in!

Our Results!

-Tayo... lost 8 pounds, which is 1.9 percent oh his body weight!

_G... lost 6 pounds, which is 2.8 of her body weight! (So, I win this one :) )

What We Did-

-Tayo ate a low calorie diet. Lots of chicken, whole grains, veggies and fruit. He exercised whenever he had a few minutes to spare, at varying times throughout the day.

-G ate a ketogenic diet and logged everything she ate into My Fitness Pal making sure she was eating 75-80% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. She worked out out 3 times in week one for 30 minutes per workout and always early in the morning (strength and cardio, usually a HIIT workout). She had crazy energy on the days she worked out (excess energy even!).

Week Two-

Our Results-

-Tayo... Gained 1 pound

G...Stayed the same

What We Did-

Tayo did the same exact thing, but didn't workout quite as much as week 1. And G got a little lazy with the carbs (I'm sorry. I really am). More on this later. Everything else was pretty much the same. G worked out twice this week (30- 35 minutes each).

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