Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Update!

Hello Friends!

I apologize for neglecting the blog for weeks!!

There have been some changes, some weight lost, some health gained and a mountain climbed so far this week (Our weigh ins are on Wednesday, so this is around the middle of the week for us :)!

The changes first! We are three and a half weeks in and I have switched to Tayo's eating plan (minus the grains, which I cannot have anyway). And I am instituting a relaxed eating day (probably Wednesdays after weigh in)! I stuck to a ketogenic diet for three weeks and it was good. I highly recommend it! But I missed veggies! And fruit! and the occasional sweet potato! I've decided that Keto was not a lifestyle I could maintain for the long term and this really is just that. A lifestyle change. Keto helped me maintain my weight (after the first week) with bacon and sour cream and full fat everything, but for the long term I want to be able to eat a variety of delicious food and indulge from time to time without worrying about falling out of ketosis and gaining 12 pounds on the spot.

I also started exercising regularly in the morning this past week! I found a mountain (a smallish mountain) and I climbed it! I thought my head was going to burst when I got to the top (It was very very very hot and the middle of the day and I am pretty out of shape), but I am really proud of myself for that workout!
I've been waking up earlier and walking every day (for now. Running later) for 25-45 minutes. It has given me sooooo much energy!! I feel happier, peppier, and slimmer ( I didn't realize it could make you feel thinner, but it does and I like it!)

I bought a heart rate monitor at Aldi this week (so I can track these morning workouts) while I was grocery shopping and I wore it for the first time this morning! It connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and records your heart rate, calories burned, how far you've walked and because it is also a GPS it tracks exactly where you walked. I love it! And it was only $25! It's not top of the line but it works for now and it's motivating to see your progress!

One last thing is our missing weigh in!
We decided this past week (Week 4) not to weigh in. The reason for this is we had become slightly scale obsessed.  I HAD gotten a little scale crazy...weighing every day and letting that weight set the tone for the day, good or bad. I let it take over and let other important things like how my clothes fit and my overall health become less important.
We will be weighing in again soon! And there will be progress pictures coming as well!

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!


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