Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our Official Before Pictures

Welcome to our before pictures! These were taken on the most beautiful day of my life, March 27th 2015. We were at the heaviest we have ever been, but it was still the best day ever and I have never felt more beautiful. I married the best husband in the world, and wore the most beautiful dress (with the best Spanx!). And when we got these pictures I didn't even care that I was overweight. I still felt beautiful. And decided they would make the best "before" pictures ever! 

One of our goals is to have another photo shoot on March 27th 2016 (with our awesome photographer Abi) in new Nigerian outfits (Tayo is Nigerian, and part of his culture is outfits made of matching fabrics to distinguish a family.) that are much smaller than the ones we wore on our wedding day!

So, here they are, our official before pictures. 




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