Saturday, June 6, 2015

To be absolutely honest, I lost a bit of hope yesterday (June 5th). I ate more than I really wanted to and came home, tired and a little sad and ate nearly an entire Lily's chocolate bar (which is stevia sweetened, so only one gram of sugar per serving and very very low carbs). I gave Tayo maybe three little squares so I wouldn't have to admit I ate the whole thing :) 

Compared to other times I've gotten a bit depressed and eaten a whole bunch of chocolate, this was not bad. I used to be able to eat a whole cheesecake by myself. Or half a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Maybe both in the same day.
 Lily's chocolate has two grams of sugar per bar (In the Creamy Milk bar) and 20 net carbs per bar. And it is mind blowingly amazing. Especially for my sugar free friends and LCHF peeps. AAAAH- mazing. Just don't eat the whole thing in one sitting (Or if you do, don't beat yourself up over it).
        here is the sweet little culprit... (you should go buy some)

For the first time since starting the Keto diet, I had CRAVINGS! I wanted donuts and pastry and sugar and gummy bears and that sort of nonsense. I think maybe the cravings were the result of the night before though. That night we had gone out to eat at a really great Mediterranean place in Chapel Hill, NC and I'd picked what I thought would be an okay little splurge. Chicken salad and a roasted cabbage salad with dried cranberries. Pretty sure it was too low in fat and too high in sugar and protein (high protein isn't a bad thing, but I'm seriously watching my macros and that isn't totally acceptable). Looking back, I should have gone with the Tilapia and just a bit of the roasted cabbage.

But I learned! And I don't consider it a fail. I also don't consider our week two weigh in a failure. I've accepted that I didn't do everything I could, or put everything I had into my workouts and meal planning. That was just me learning to be more careful with my food, and more passionate about my workouts, to have more fun, and keep my goals in mind every day! I love these quotes...

(Henry must have made a bunch of mistakes...he's certainly got a ton of quotes about them.)

Today I have my hope back. I wrote out my goals this morning, like I try to do every morning (more on this in a future post), and I'm excited that my mistakes may (and probably will) be the things necessary to a worthwhile achievement!

Stay Hopeful and Excited!


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